CSC 8520: Artificial Intelligence
Fall, 2015, Weds, 6:15-9:00, Mendel G90.
Dr. Paula Matuszek
Phone: (610) 647-9789

Grading and Assignments.

Grading will be based on:
15%: Assignments
5%: News article
30%: Midterm
40%: Final
10%: Project.

I will also use classroom participation as a factor if you're on the borderline.

Homework assignments: There will be roughly six to eight homework assignments. There will be some programming assignments, in Prolog, some using various existing software tools, and some written assignments. Assignments and their due dates will be posted in Blackboard and should be submitted there.

Late assignments: Assignments are due by 5PM on the due date listed, which will normally be a class night. I will take off 25% for assignments which miss the deadline but arrive by the following week (i.e., up to one week late). After the following class I won't accept them. I will use the time stamp of posting to Blackboard as authoritative.

News Article: AI is a fast-moving field, with a lot happening. Each student will be responsible for choosing an interesting current article or paper about an application of AI and making a 15 minute presentation on the article to the class, one presentation/week. Presentations will be graded on timeliness of the subject, relevance to AI, and familiarity with the materials (you should be able to answer questions about it).

Exams: There will be a midterm and a final. They will cover primarily material from the book and from the lectures. You are also responsible for all reading material assigned, even if it is not covered in class. Dates are on the syllabus.

Project: Each student should create a project involving some aspect of AI. The project can be individual or a team effort. Work turned in will include a 5 to 10 page paper with references and any code or other work developed. It will be due Dec 2. Each student will also make a short presentation on the project the last day of class. More detail to come.