CSC 8520, Fall 2008
Artificial Intelligence
Th 6:15 - 9:00, Mendel 156
Paula Matuszek


This syllabus is a work in progress; expect changes!
Aug 25: Introduction..
Intro presentation.     Assignment 1.
Note: Additional versions of slides for the book are available at the text book web page.
Lab Presentation.    
Sept 1: Labor Day, no class.
Sep 8: Intelligent Agents.    Introduction to Prolog.     Reading: Chapter 2
Intelligent Agents presentation.    Prolog presentation.
Assignment 2.    Prolog Assignment 1.
Sep 15: Search. Reading: Chapter 3.
Search presentation.    
Lab: work through this tutorial.    Prolog Tutorial
Sep 22: Search 2. Reading: Chapter 4.1-4.3.
Search 2 presentation.    Complete Prolog presentation.
Assignment 3.    Prolog Assignment 2.
Sep 29: Search 3. Reading: Chapter 5, Chapter 6.1-6.4
Constraint Satisfaction presentation.   Lab Presentation
Project Information.
Assignment 4: Initial Project Description.   
Oct 6: Logic. Reading: Chapter 7.1-7.5
Logic presentation.   Brief Overview of Resolution
Resolution in the real(?) world.    And in Prolog.   
Midterm notes.   
Oct 13: Fall Break
Oct 20: Midterm.
Oct 27: Knowledge Representation.   Reading: Chapter 10
AI and Games
Guest Lecturer: Dr. Eric Eaton. Dr. Eaton received his PhD from UMBC, with a specialization in Machine Learning. He is now a researcher at Lockheed. He will present an introduction to knowledge engineering, followed by a presentation on the use of artificial intelligence in games.
Dr. Eaton's AI and Games Presentation    Dr. Eaton's KR Presentation.
Nov 3: Knowledge Representation 2.
Ontologies Presentation.
Nov 10: Machine Learning.   Reading: Ch 18.
Machine Learning presentation.   
Nov 17: Robotics
Robotics presentation.   
Nov 24: Natural Language Processing.   Reading: Chs 22, 23.
Note: Class will meet in G92.
Guest Lecturer: Evan Sandhaus. Evan is a graduate of Villanova's MS program, now a researcher with the New York Times. He will give a presentation on research the NYT is doing and a discussion of the linguistic corpus that they have recently made available to researchers..
Intro to NLP presentation.   
Dec 1: Student Presentations.
Asim Kundu. Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence.
Tony Fischer. AI Solver for Egghunt, using logic, reasoning, some math skills, and a little luck.
Aravind HosadurgaThippeswamy: Implementing Sudoku in Prolog.
Matt Anders: data mining with a focus on knowledge representation.
Dec 8: Student Presentations.
Justin Keefer: How the Half Life Source SDK implements AI.
Lauren Palcho: Artificial Intelligence and Computability Logic.
Surya Kuchibhotla: Using Neural Networks to trade Stocks.
Naomi Chin: Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence.
Dec 15: Final Exam.