CSC 8750, Fall 2004
Expert Systems
Th 6:15 - 9:00, Mendel 156
Dr. Paula Matuszek


This syllabus will be updated and completed throughout the semester.

Aug 26: Intro to Expert Systems. Intro to CLIPS. ES PresentationCLIPS PresentationLab 1

    Assignment: Questions 1.1, 1.2 and one of 1.8-1.13. 1.2b should be implemented in CLIPS.

Sept 2: Knowledge Representation I. Knowledge Representation Presentation.

    Assignment: 7.9

Sept 9: Knowledge Representation II.

    Assignment: Part 1: 2.1, 2.3, 7.4, 7.12. Due Sep 23.
    Part 2: Take your expert domain from 1.1 in the first assignment and represent>some of the knowledge in either semantic nets or frames. What went more easily? What was harder? Which is a better fit for your domain? Why? Due Sept 16.

Sept 16: Knowledge Engineering

Sept 23: Methods of Inference

Sept 30: Expert Systems Examples

Oct 7: Design of Expert Systems

Oct 14: Fall break 

Oct 21: Uncertainty and Inexact Reasoning

Oct 28:Automated Acquisition of knowledge bases

Nov 4: Exam

Nov 11: Protege.

Nov 18: JESS.

Nov 25: Thanksgiving 

Dec 2: Student Projects.

Dec 9: Student Projects.


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