CSC 8750, Fall 2004
Expert Systems
Th 6:15 - 9:00, Mendel 156
Dr. Paula Matuszek

Grading and Assignments.

Grading will be based on three things:

Homework assignments and labs. These will be short homework assignments and longer lab exercises which are designed to give you experience with CLIPS and knowledge engineering..

Project. Each student will select a domain and a problem and develop an expert system in that domain.  These expert systems will be presented at the end of the semester. 

Exam.  There will be single comprehensive exam after major topics have been covered. 

Submitting Assignments:   Assignments should be submitted by emailing them to  Text assignments can be submitted as ASCII, RTF or PDF, or Word documents.   Assignments which include screenshots or other graphics can be sent as jpegs, gifs,  PDF, or Word documents.   If for some reason you need to use some other format, check with me first to be sure I can read it.

Please be sure that your assignment has your name somewhere within the assignment, not just in the email header.  If you include attachments please be sure that each one has your name on it somewhere.

Assignment Due Dates:  Assignments are due by 4PM on the due date listed, which will normally be a class night.