Mary-Angela Papalaskari picture Mary-Angela Papalaskari

Associate Professor Emerita
Department of Computing Sciences
Villanova University
Skype: mary-angela

Computer Science Trees Project
UCI Machine Learning Repository
National Center for Women in Technology
Cut the knot puzzles
Mathematics genaeology project
Erds number = 3

Past courses
CSC 1051 - Algorithms and Data Structures I (s20)  (f19)  (s19) (f18) (s18) 

CSC 4170 -- Theory of Computation  (f15) (f16)
CSC 1300 -- Discrete Structures (s20) (S19)
(S18)   (S17) (s15)
CSC 8510 -- Theory of Computability (s16)
Other stuff
Bicycle coalition - Philadelphia
Bicycle PA map
Water data for the Schuylkill river
A 2012 Google maps tour of the neighborhood
      where I grew up (So Paulo, Brazil)

Traveling in Greece
Matt Barrett's guide
Athens-Epidavros Festival
Greek embassy in USA
USA embassy in Greece