2008 Magic Mini Camp - Open letter to Teen Scholars

Dear Kat, Elena, Erich, Andrew, Josh, Danny, Sameen, and Evie:

It was really wonderful seeing you again last week and being impressed all over again with your energy, creativity, and resourcefulness during the Magic Mini-Camp. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm with the children from Christy Recreation Center. It was obvious that the kids really enjoyed their day at Villanova and had a most memorable experience with the activities that you organized for them. You should also be commended for your ability to adapt and make the best of the constraints imposed by last minute schedule changes - and to ultimately produce an effective educational performance. The tone was set by Erich's bagpipe procession, which heralded magic things to come. Erich, thanks for your patience waiting for the bus to come. All the time you waited with the bagpipes was also so entertaining for the Mendel Hall denizens. Not every program gets its own bagpipe procession! The treasure hunt was very clever - Elena and all who helped her did an amazing job organizing the clues. The idea to use the "stolen treasure" with the left over bits of torn paper was absolutely brilliant and very well executed by that arch-villain ...Andrew. We also loved the added drama provided by Danny, with the duel that eventually led to the treasure hunt. It was really great how when they finally got to the willow tree, the kids were so excited to "capture" Andrew, who improvised quite a fight as they tried to drag him away from the treasure! The science activity was very well set up and Evie did a very good job expaining the gist of what was going on. All of you worked really well together to make it run smoothly and we loved the names you came up with for all the chemicals! We especially want to thank Sameen who put a lot of work on setting up this and other stuff that we needed for the day, and managed to keep his wizard persona while helping and entertaining the children. Josh was a real force in moving things forward, beginning with helping lunch get served, through the procession, and all the way through the afternoon, including using the light keychains to do the light propagation wave with the children. Thanks also to all for tolerating long robes on such a hot, sticky day -- especially Kat who took the trouble to bring the amazing magical outfit and the magic doodads box, and Danny who looked very professorial in his beard. Some of the other outfits that people pulled together were pretty impressive as well (I am thinking of that villain...) considering it was just whatever we found in some boxes. Thanks all of you for doing such a wonderful job! Best wishes for the rest of the summer!

The Science & Theatre Magic Program Faculty