Exercises - CSC 4700 Software Engineering

CSC 4700 Software Engineering
Spring 2014
Dr. Joyce
  1. Opinions
    Assigned 1/15
    Due by midnight, Monday, 1/20, email allowed
    10 points
    Read the Brooks article "No Silver Bullet". Dr. Brooks includes many "opinions" in his article. Identify one that you believe is insightful and one that you disagree with. Explain the reasons for your choices. You should use no more than 500 words.

  2. Extended Questionnaire
    Assigned 1/15
    Due Wednesday, 1/22, at start of class
    10 points
    Download the "extended" Questionnaire from the course web site, edit it so that it includes your responses. Your answers do not need to be completely polished - for the most part simply answer in a straightforward, "extemporaneous" manner. Nevertheless, keep it organized, clear, concise, interesting, and as complete as possible.

  3. Summarize Writing SR Specs
    Assigned 1/22
    Due Wednesday, 1/29, at start of class
    10 points
    Read and study Writing SR Specs and create a 1 page summary.

  4. Joel on Software
    Assigned 2/07
    Due Wednesday, 2/12, at the start of class
    20 points
    Locate a Joel on Software article that you think is particularly good. Hand in a one page discussion of the article - include the name and link, a short synopsis, and an explanation of why you think it is important/interesting.

  5. Presentation Proposal
    Assigned 2/12
    Due Wednesday, 2/19, at the start of class
    Hand in one or two proposals of no more that one page each, single sided, about your presentation project. Describe your topic. Explain why it is valuable, why your classmates should learn about it. The idea is for you to instruct/inform us - and for us all to learn about the wide variety of tools and techniques available. Demonstrations are encouraged, but not required (in fact sometimes demos can be problematic in a short presentation). If possible at this point, outline your approach. Up to two students may work together on a presentation.

    Note: There is only a short reading assignment this week. Therefore I expect that you can put some time and effort into identifying and organizing your ideas about the presentation project. I expect your proposal to be well considered.

  6. Success Factors
    Assigned 2/19
    Due Wednesday, 3/12, at the start of class.
    10 points
    Read the article "Critical Success Factors in Software Engineering". John Reel lists and describes several factors that he feels are critical to the success of large software development projects. Write a very brief summary of the article, followed by a list of two "other' factors that you feel are critical to the success of a software development project. If you can't think of two such factors you may, instead, describe factors that are critical to the success of a student in college. For each of your factors be sure to both describe it and explain why it is important. Your entire report should be about one page long.

  7. Testing Project
    Assigned 2/19
    Due Wednesday, 2/26, at the start of class.
    30 points
    Implement StringPair and CharSet, including javadoc comments and JUnit test cases. Implement HiddenString (with embedded javadoc comments) using a test driven devlopment approach that includes an original test plan (list) and a final test list. Hand in a nice "team" report that includes all you code, your test plans, a screen shot of the documentation, plus comments about the experience. Also mention any "outside" help you received on the project.

  8. Read: Nine Management Guidelines for Better Cost Estimating
    Assigned 3/12
    Due Wednesday, 3/19, at the start of class.
    20 points
    Read it. Hand in one page .. approximately half page of summary and a half page of comments/opionions/insights.

  9. Software Engineering Literature
    Assigned 3/19
    Info due on Wednesday, 4/02
    Due on Wednesday, 4/16
    60 points
    Search the technical Software Engineering literature and locate a reasonably accessable/understandable article that interests you. Good places to look are the ACM Digital Library and the IEEE Computer Society, but other sources can also be used. On Wednesday, 4/02, hand in a copy of the article and a 1 paragraph description of why you chose it. Feel free to ask me ahead of time if you have selected an acceptable article. On wednesday, 4/16, hand in a paper "about" the article. Your paper should include a summary of the article but it should do more than that - critique it, explain how it could have been better, provide some personal insight, discuss related articles ... Your report should be 3 to 7 pages long, double spaced. You may be asked to discuss your selected paper in class.