Current Schedule of Spring 2014

Dr. Joyce's CSC 4700 Software Engineering

Details will be added as we progress through the semester. Items are listed in the Read, Exercise and Project columns on the day they are "assigned". If no due date is shown then they are due by the beginning of the next class. Note that many readings will have an associated exercise.

  # Date   Lecture  Read Exercise
01 1/15 Short Questionnaire
What Makes Software Good?
What is Software Engineering?
Course Introduction
Discuss Homework
No Silver Bullet Cover
No Silver Bullet from IEEE
No Silver Bullet text only
Chapter 1
Opinions [1/20]
Extended Questionnaire
Install zipper, Java, JUnit
02 1/22 No Class - Snow Day
Writing SR Specs
Summarize Reading
03 1/29 Discuss Questionnaires
No Silver Bullet
Technical Writing
Software Requirements
Painless Functional Specifications
Chapter 2
javadoc Tutorial
Getting Started Using Eclipse
Install Eclipse
04 02/05 No Class - Snow Day
Joel on Software Joel on Software [2/12]
05 2/12 Quiz
Eclipse - Anthony DiValerio
javadoc - Luke Bonomo
JUnit - Xiaojie Jiang
Pair Programming
Pairs Project
Chapters 3-5 Presentation Project
06 2/19 Quiz
Review Pairs Project
Test Driven Development
Regular Expressions - Christopher Backofen
Pairs Project
Success Factors Testing Project
Success Factors [3/12]
07 2/26 Get Involved:
Intro - Dr. Joyce
Internships - everybody
Vatican - William Makabenta, Daniel Shawver
REUs - Kelly O'Conner
Start Up - Chris
Mobile Apps?
ACM Student Group - Katherine
Chapter 6 Work on your Presentation Project
Wear a Hawaiian shirt to next class
S P R I N G    B R E A K
08 03/12 Measurement, Cost Estimation
Hawaiian shirt night
Chapter 6 Cost Estimation [3/19]
09 03/19 Cost Estimation
Version Control:
Intro and Mercurial - Mo Shaltout
Subversion - Dr. Joyce
GIT, GIT Hub - Andrew Keenan & Don Portofee
  Software Engineering Literature [4/02 and 4/16]
10 03/26 Common Tools++ :
vi - Jeff Linahan
Sublime Text 2 - John Zimmerman
JGrasp - Sandra Mosquera-Davidson
Excel - Joe Collins
Word Macros - Dr. Joyce
  In class: brainstorm
11 04/02 Testing etc.
Filezilla - Kofi Atuobi
Mutation Testing - Sang Cheon
Sikuli - Lindsey Press
Database Testing - Logan Sullivan
Scrum - Drew Roberts & Tom Warring
12 04/09 Programming:
phpMyAdmin - Kishan Patel
Web Crawlers - Josh Tackett
Frameworks - Nick Mazzeo
Photoshop - Raun Gray
Web Project - Dan Suskevich
13 04/16 ArcGIS - Joe Mudry
Google Library - Ryan Coote
Software Engineering Literature
14 04/23 First Year Professionals    
15 04/30 Test    
16 05/07 Wrap Up