CSC 4700 - Software Engineering
Dr. Joyce - Spring 2012

Instructor: Dr. Daniel Joyce
167C Mendel, 519-7344, E-mail:
Office Hours: MW 11:30-1:00 and before/after class and by appointment

Text: None - We will use handouts and web references - You're welcome.

Objectives: Survey the discipline of software engineering, including development processes, life-cycle models, quality issues, requirements analysis, design techniques, testing, and project management. Provide experience as a team member of a medium-scale software development project, focusing on requirements elicitation, specification, and design. Study and practice oral and written communication skills with respect to software development projects. Explore modern software development tools.

Grading: We will have one test. We may have several quizzes. There will be a group project. There will be individual presentations. There will be several different types of exercises. There will be an in-class team project. As we go along I will assign relative point values to the various tasks which will give you a relative idea of their value. Stay organized!

My current plan is to have the test on March 29. If you come to class, pay attention, do the assigned reading, participate, in general just take the course seriously, plus, of course, cram the night before, you should not have trouble with the test.

We will have a group project. Groups of two to four students will be created randomly. Each group will choose a software development project to specify and design. Implementation is not required nor expected. Time for group meetings will be provided during class although most of group work will occur outside of class time.

Each student will complete an individual presentation/report project. I will talk more about this February 9th, but the idea is for you to share some idea or tool or technique or research you find useful/exciting about software engineering with the class.

We might have weekly surprise quizzes. Shhh. There will also be exercises assigned from time to time.

You will keep a reading reflection "diary". I will let you know which readings are included in this. For each reading included you must write a short (one paragraph, three or four sentences) summary, and then a second reflective paragraph. The reflective paragraph should contain your opinion about the reading, and can also include questions raised, insights, whatever. When you submit this diary at the end of the semester you will include a list that shows all the readings, ordered from your most favorite to your least favorite. Note: I can ask for you current, up-to-date diary at any time during the semester. I probably won't though, but keep it up-to-date.

Class participation throughout the semester will be counted. The Participation Grade will be based on a combination of attendance, alertness, activeness, completion of exercises on time, and beneficial contributions to the class.

My current plan is to split the grading weight more or less evenly across the test, the group project, the individual presentation/report, the quizzes plus reading diary, and the exercises plus participation. So each of these will count about 1/5th of the grade. Relative point values will look something like this:

High marks require more than just completion of assigned work. Your work must also be of a high quality, neat, and when appropriate, show a certain amount of initiative and creativity. This SHOULD be an important class to you. The best approach is for you to take charge of your learning in this class.

Stay organized!

Writing Intensive: Note that this course fulfills the Writing Intensive Course in the Major requirement for CS majors. Topics related to technical writing will be covered during course lectures. In addition to essay based exercises, students may be required to critique a requirements document provided by the instructor. Teams will be required to produce several documents to support their project.

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