Current Schedule of Spring 2012

Dr. Joyce's CSC 4700 Software Engineering

Details will be added as we progress through the semester. Items are listed in the Read, Exercise and Project columns on the day they are "assigned". If no due date is shown then they are due by the beginning of the next class. Note that many readings will have an associated exercise. Readings marked with * are to be included in your Reading Reflections diary.

  # Date   Lecture  Read Exercise Project
01 1/19 What Makes Software Good?
What is Software Engineering?
Course Introduction
Discuss Homework
No Silver Bullet Cover
No Silver Bullet* from IEEE
No Silver Bullet text only
SWEBOK Preface
Opinions [1/24]
Extended Questionnaire [1/26]
Discuss Ideas
02 1/26 Discuss Questionnaires
ziuQ esirpruS
No Silver Bullet
Technical Writing
Writing SR Specs*
Painless (ALL 4 PARTS)*
Specification Critique [2/2] Team Formation / Meetings
Project Introduction [2/7]
03 2/2 Quiz?
How do software dev projects differ?
The Software Process
Success Factors [2/9] Meetings
Project Introduction [2/7]
04 2/9 YACQ
Guest: Andy Grieg, SAP
Review Learning Pairs Spec
Group Project Introductions
Discuss Presentation Project
  Presentation Proposal [2/16] Project Introductions
Project Specification [3/15]
05 2/16 Internship Panel
Review Spec Exercise
Review Success Factors
Discuss Pres Project Ideas
    Teams Meet?
06 2/23 Surprise!
Software Design
Garlan and Shaw*
  sctns 1,2,3.1-4
Scott Ambler*
Learning Pairs Design [3/15] Project Design [End of Semester]
07 3/01 No class
Teams can/should meet
  several things due 3/15 Teams Meet?
S P R I N G    B R E A K
08 3/15 Surprise!
Lueng [optional]
Specification Critique II [3/22]Teams Meet?
09 3/22 Surprise?
Coding, Testing
Cost Estimation
Beach/Hawaii Night
Presentation Projects discussions?
    Semester Project Teams Meet?
10 3/29 Test
Presentation Projects discussions?
    Semester Project Teams Meet
E A S T E R    B R E A K
11 4/12 Panel
Presentation Projects
Boehm*   Teams Meet?
12 4/19 Presentation Projects     Teams Meet?
13 4/26 Presentation Projects Reading Reflections due   Teams Meet?
  5/03 Attend 5/03 OR 5/10
Reading Day
Wrap Up
    Semester Projects
  5/10 Attend 5/03 OR 5/10
Final Night
Wrap Up
  Personal Post Mortem due.
Can be submitted earlier!
Semester Projects