Exercises - CSC 4700 Software Engineering

CSC 4700 Software Engineering
Spring 2009
Dr. Joyce

  1. Assigned 1/12
    Due by midnight, Friday, 1/16
    20 points
    Dr. Joyce will distribute an "extended" Questionnaire as a Word file. Complete it and return to him as an email attachement.
  2. Assigned 1/12
    Due by midnight, Friday, 1/23
    30 points
    Read the Brooks article "No Silver Bullet". Dr. Brooks includes many "opinions" in his article. Identify one that you believe is insightful and one that you disagree with. Explain the reasons for your choices. You should use no more than 500 words.
  3. Assigned 1/12
    Due on Monday, 4/27, at the start of class.
    100 points
    Throughout the semester you will be assigned many articles to read. You will submit a list of the readings assigned this semester, that are shown below, listed in order from "best" to "worst", based on your opinion. For each reading you will include a brief synopsis along with your opinion about the article.
  4. Assigned 1/26
    Due on Monday, 2/2, at the start of class.
    30 points
    Read the article "Critical Success Factors in Software Engineering". John Reel lists and describes several factors that he feels are critical to the success of large software development projects. Write a very brief summary of the article, followed by a list of at least three "other' factors that you feel are critical to the success of a software development project. If you can't think of three such factors you may, instead, describe factors that are critical to the success of a student in college. For each of your factors be sure to both describe it and explain why it is important. Your entire report should be between one and two pages long.
  5. Assigned 1/27
    Due by Friday, 1/30
    10 points
    Send Dr. Joyce an email that contains a description of how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The description should be your original creation .. do NOT Google it, do NOT work together, do NOT use a cookbook, etc.
  6. Assigned 2/02
    Due by Friday, 2/06
    10 points
    Send Dr. Joyce the url of a web page on which a company clearly mentions/brags/announces what CMM level they are. Send this information within the body of the email message. It should be in the format described in class by Dr. Joyce.
  7. Assigned 2/02
    Due by Friday, 2/20
    150 points
    Towards the end of the semester everybody in the class will be expected to give a 15 to 30 minute presentation on a specific software development tool. That presentation will be a "major" project, worth somewhere on the order of 100 points. The idea is for you to instruct/inform us - and for us all to learn about the wide variety of tools available. Demonstrations are encouraged, but not required (in fact sometimes demos can be problematic in a short presentation). In any case, it would be best if the presenter has had a chance to use and evaluate the tool first-hand, so you may want to consider open-source, freeware tools, or tools that provide a robust demo version for free. For this current assignment, send me a description of two tools you would like to present - you will only present one but requiring two in the proposal gives me flexability in assigning tools. Your submission should include a brief description of each tool .. just a sentence or two, and a brief explanation of why you chose them.
  8. Assigned 2/23
    Info due on Monday, 4/06
    Due on Monday, 4/27
    100 points
    Search the technical Software Engineering literature and locate a reasonably accessable/understandable article that interests you. Good places to look are the ACM Digital Library and the IEEE Computer Society, but other sources can also be used. On Monday, 4/06, hand in a copy of the article and a 1 paragraph description of why you chose it. Feel free to ask me ahead of time if you have selected an acceptable article. On Monday, 4/27, hand in a paper "about" the article. Your paper should include a summary of the article but it should do more than that - critique it, explain how it could have been better, provide some personal insight, discuss related articles ... Your report should be 3 to 7 pages long, double spaced. You may be asked to discuss your selected paper in class on 4/27.
  9. Assigned 3/09
    Due on Monday, 3/15
    30 points
    Print the GUI (or part of it) of some program/web page and mark it up, critique it. Hand this in along with a short report .. no more than one page.
  10. Assigned 3/23
    Due on 3/23? or 3/30?
    40 points
    Find an article with empirical results related to software engineering. The article should describe a controlled experiment/quasi-experiment. One good source for articles is the IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering. You can find "recent" copies in the CSC Library, MSC 159, back wall, second shelf from left, in the middle. You can find archived copies in the Software Engineering Lab, MSC 158, shelf in back left corner. If you like, send a brief description of the article to Dr. Joyce for "approval". On one sheet of paper list the title and source of the article, a very brief synopsis, the subjects, the independent variable(s), the dependent variable(s), and what sort of treatment was used. End with a brief "opinion" about the work. Be prepared to describe the whole thing to the class.