CSC 4700 - Software Engineering
Dr. Joyce - Spring 2004

Instructor: Dr. Daniel Joyce
167C Mendel, 519-7344, E-mail:
Office Hours: M-W 2:00-3:00, T 10:00-11:00 and by appointment

Teaching Assistant:Hannah Ponraj (

Text: Somerville's Software Engineering, 6th Edition, Addison-Wesley

Goals: Survey the discipline; Experience team-based requirements definition for non-trivial project; Learn some tools/options for software development; Writing Intensive.

Point Distribution: This is all subject to change.
Tests (003, 100) Miscellaneous Project
Test 1 (2/25, 2/24) 100 Participation 50 Web Site 25
Test 2 (4/7, 4/6) 100 Exercises 100 Requirements 50
Final (5/3, 5/4) 150 UID 50
Presentation 50
Progress Reports 25
Other and Overall 50
Total 350 150 250

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The Participation Grade will be based on a combination of attendance, class discussions, and contributions to the class beyond the standard expectations.

For the Project, each project team will be assigned a grade but an individual's grade can vary from the team's grade by +/-25% based on an evaluation by peers.

Note that high marks (90% or above) in any of the above areas require more than just completion of the work. It must also be of a high quality, neat, and when appropriate, show a certain amount of initiative and creativity.

If your final average is at or above the number in the left hand column, your grade will be no lower than that shown in the right column:

92 A 88 B+ 78 C+ 68 D+
90 A- 84 B 74 C 64 D
80 B- 70 C- 60 D-

Writing Intensive: Note that this course fulfills the Writing Intensive Course in the Major requirement for CS majors. Topics related to technical writing will be covered during course lectures. In addition to essay based exercises, students may be required to critique a requirements document provided by the instructor. Teams will be required to produce several documents to support their project. See Writing Requirements

Test and Exams: Tests and exams will be held on the days scheduled. No exceptions for personal reasons will be given, so make your travel plans accordingly.

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