CSC 8400: Computer Organization
Fall 2002

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Section 001 (Tuesdays)
Section 002 (Thursdays)

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Instructor: Dr. Giorgi Japaridze

Teaching assistant: Nancy Bercich

"Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach". By David Patterson and John Hennessy. Morgan Kaufmann Pub., 2nd Edition, 1996
Note: 3rd edition will only be used beginning Spring'2003

Students with insufficient backgroung may also find it very helpful (though not required) to read:
"Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface". By David Patterson and John Hennessy. 2nd Edition, 1998.

Description and goals: This course is on computer architecture. Its goal is to teach you the basic concepts and methods used in the organization and design of computer hardware.

Topics and Schedule:

  1. Introduction: Fundamentals of Computer Design (Chapter 1, 1 week).
  2. Instruction Set Design (Chapter 2, 1-2 weeks).
  3. Pipelining (Chapter 3, 3-4 weeks).
  4. Memory Hierarchy Design (Chapter 5, 3-4 weeks).
  5. Storage Systems (Chapter 6, 1-2 weeks).
  6. Interconnection Networks (Chapter 7, 1 week).
  7. Multiprocessors (Chapter 8, 1 week).

Prerequisites: csc7100 (Computer Systems) or the equivalent.

Grading: Homework --- 20%, in-class examinations --- 80%.

Presumably, grades will be determined by cumulative scores as follows:

Score Grade
94-100 A
87-93 A-
80-86 B+
72-79 B
63-71 B-
54-62 C+
45-53 C
0-44 F

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