LOGIC: Lecture Notes


Atomic Sentences (Chapter 1)  

The Logic of Atomic Sentences (Chapter 2)  

The Boolean Connectives (Chapter 3) 

The Logic of Boolean Connectives (Chapter 4) 

Methods of Proof for Boolean Logic (Chapter 5)  

Formal Proofs and Boolean Logic (Chapter 6)

Conditionals (Chapter 7)  

The Logic of Conditionals (Chapter 8)  

Introduction to Quantification (Chapter 9)  

The Logic of Quantifiers (Chapter 10)  

Multiple Quantifiers (Chapter 11)  

Methods of Proof for Quantifiers (Chapter 12)   

Formal Proofs and Quantifiers (Chapter 13)  

First-order Set Theory (Chapter 15)  

Mathematical Induction (Chapter 16)  

Advanced Topics in Propositional Logic (Chapter 17)  

Advanced Topics in FOL (Chapter 18)