LOGIC: Suggested Presentation Topics


1.     Cirquent calculus

2.     Computability logic

3.     Description logic

4.     Deontic logic

5.     Dynamic logic

6.     Epistemic logic

7.     Fuzzy logic

1.     Hintikka’s game-theoretical semantics

2.     History of logic

3.     Independence-friendly logic

4.     Infinitary logic

5.     Intuitionistic logic

6.     Justification logic

7.     Lambda calculus

8.     Linear logic

9.     Logical paradoxes

10.  Logic in Artificial Intelligence

11.  Logic of knowledge base systems

12.  Logic programming

13.  Lorenzen’s game semantics

14.  Many-valued logic

15.  Mathematical constructivism

16.  Modal logic

17.  Non-monotonic logic

18.  Ordinal numbers

19.  Paraconsistent logic

20.  Process calculus

21.  Relevance logic

22.  Second-order arithmetic

23.  Second-order logic

24.  Sequent calculus

25.  Situation calculus

26.  Spatial logic

27.  Temporal logic

28.  Any other relevant topic of your choice - should however receive the instructor's preliminary approval


You should do independent literature search. Google could be a good place to start. The purpose of your presentation should be to give the listeners some basic idea of the subject in an understandable way. You should be prepared to answer questions if asked. The presentation will be graded collectively (and anonymously) by our classmates, with the instructor reserving the right to override some particularly inadequate grades, but normally this will not be done.