CSC 1300: Homework Assignments

Several even-numbered problems from the textbook will be assigned each week. This homework will be due the Monday of the following week and will be collected at the beginning of the class. Late homework will not be accepted, no matter what the reason was.

Academic integrity: You can discuss and clarify homework questions with your classmates, but you must write out the solutions on your own. That means that you should never copy or allow someone to copy your homework. It is your responsibility to be familiar with Villanova University Academic Integrity Policy and Procedures.

Grading criteria:

  1. Correct approach, correct answer -- 100%
  2. Basically correct approach but incorrect answer due to some minor error -- 75%
  3. Not quite correct but still meaningful approach, half-way to the right solution -- 50%
  4. Some progress towards solution -- 25%
  5. No progress towards solution -- 0%.

Weekly assignments:

  1. Due September 6
  2. Due September 13
  3. Due September 18
  4. Due September 25
  5. Due October 2
  6. Due October 9
  7. Due October 23
  8. Due November 6
  9. Due November 13
  10. Due November 20
  11. Due November 27
  12. Due December 4