dr bob Instagram sketchbook

Starting in August 2018 dr bob started releasing his sketches (from the full collection and auxiliary collection) onto the unsuspecting public after joining Instagram to view the beautiful photos of two close friends with serious photography hobbies. Each posting required thinking up catchy captions to accompany these questionable works of art.

dr bob, mathematical physicist and people collector, doodle artist and foodie

It's not Christmas, but it's about time I gave away some sketches while I am still able.

"Macaroni! ...uhm... macaroni! Questa e' roba di carattieri. Io nu' mangio macaroni, io so' americano."
[from a famous Alberto Sordi Italian film "Un Americano a Roma"]

dr bob, born in the same year as Alfred E. Neuman: "What, me worry?"
[okay, Mad Magazine was born then, AEM 2 years later.]

the dr is in. dr bob, failed sketch artist. More crap to follow.

It's about time. [Cats and rats, trash affinity.]

It's about time. [bird version]

You don't need GPS to find Philly. Amici, take the direct flight from FCO to PHL!

Oops, cheesecake overdose. [Sandra Boynton influence here, but a very different hippo style from her wildly different greeting card empire image. Boston's Fanuel Hall stuffed animal inspiration circa 1982.]

Eager students are a teacher's wet dream.

Cake high diving, scoring by the numbers.

Ulterior motives.

Shy suitor?

Eager flower delivery.

A difference of opinion. [Or "who's for dinner?"]

altramente la prossima sigaretta tua potrebbe essere l'ultima.
[NO SMOKING otherwise your next cigarette could be your last...]
Disclaimer: we don't think smoking warrants capital punishment...in fact the sentence is long term.

Second thoughts... [Don't do it!]


Enthusiastic flower delivery?

Go fly a kite?

"Apple pies? Who needs 'em?" [Taste is subjective.]

rat of way. [right of way, rat style...get it?]

Easy moose cake.

cat waiting for cake to cool. frascati wine already done.

beauty and the beast, hippo style? [ms ani and dr bob, 1991]

who, me?

Casio watch wearing cat, already drunk on spiked milk?
[Only us old timers would remember the shape of a glass milk bottle.]


Murano souvenir, keeping US time. [photo, not shown]


Il bacio. Love triangle, toddler style. [photo, not shown]

Cupid American style.

Tub shower, interrrupted?

Party cats.

800 pound gorilla. 16 oz chocolate chips. Lopsided pairing?


Amateur food porn. [photo, not shown]

carrot cake or a carrot? the choice is obvious. [perhaps not healthy, but definitely more satisfying.]

Say "Cheese"?

light bulb loneliness.
[old alternate title: 100 watt solitude, but now in an LED world, who will know what 100 watt bulbs mean?]

a close call.

Close enough ... for a chicken. [Can anyone think of a better caption?]

dr bob once shared an office with Sister Rita... a positive influence.

chef and sous chef marriage partners, you can guess which is which in this kitchen...

We all need a little encouragement once in a while... [reluctant cook?]

maybe a little Dancing With the Stars will help me lose some of that creeping midlife waist measurement... [fortunately not dr bob's problem]

garbage cat. [get it, garbage can, garbage cat, only one letter different, yuk, yuk. oh well.]

Who ever said dogs are lazy...?

Happy Halloween?  Boo?

Line up to VOTE! November 6, 2018. The world's future is at stake.

Controlling the USA northern border against unlawful intruders.

It is human to always be searching for something elusive…but usually we don’t find it in the places we think to look. ---dr bob , philosopher not 

If only the people who are really watching us had the innocent motives that Santa has… 

Not everyone is on the same page about the holidays...

Love has no borders.
El amor no conoce fronteras.
L'amore non conosce confini.

We don't always get what we want for Christmas...

A big hug to everyone who has touched our lives in a positive way from our two hearts to yours.

New Year's Day 2019! After the party's over, return to daily routine NOT!
[We academics are on winter break!] Note the trademark dr bob Casio geek watch.