prune yogurt debuts in America!

Subject: YEAH! prune yogurt finally arrives in the US
From: dr bob
Date: Monday, 30 Jan 2006
To: Friends and Relatives


dr bob has often lamented about the disappointing US yogurt scene
  [for example see ]
having traveled the yogurt world off shore where the masses actually support healthy tasty choices
while we deal with increasing lack of real choice from repetition of too many esoteric product lines
available in too few flavors.

But now a product [Activia] long ago available in the European Danone market has arrived in the US
with its flagship prune flavor super-charged with nutrients and anti-oxidants (and low fat!) that bob
has enjoyed frequently in Rome.
              [Prunes! Not just ugly dried plums! ]

Read the company hype:

Already spotted and purchased with several other flavors in two separate local Philly 'burb supermarkets.
[Genuardi's =Safeway, Acme]

A miracle!
A-C-T-I-V-I-A, Activia! Ask your local supermarket to carry this Dannon product line.
Prune power to the people. Or in the flavor of your choice.

(sah-LOO-tay, that's Italian for "good health")

dr bob


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