whole wheat pizza

We forgot to photograph our first attempts at whole wheat pizza. Here are a few later photos.

 Some unnecessary theatrics with the pizza dough.

and a more typical tomato sauce pizza

The quick Eating Well crust for sure here, nice and thin and crisp. After 6 minute pre-bake, some pesto base for taste.

Then mushrooms and shredded mozzarella, maybe we should have put the cheese down first, it would have been prettier. But tasty just the same.

Here are some other photos.

This next crust was interrupted by our first significant power outage in our home since we have lived here [six hours only, we were lucky, maybe we are in the right zip code]. Record snowfall for the philly area. [Climate Change?] We put it in the fridge till the next day. Okay, it was a bit tough when we finally baked it, but the mushroom baby eggplant topping was tasty all the same. Don't do this in your own kitchen.

Ani trusted the crust prep to bob who discovered there was about 1/2 t yeast left in the freezer, when the recipe calls for 2 t. So bob made do, and the pizza crust came out ultrathin and crisp, serendipity discovery. Less yeast, more thin. Keep that in mind if you like thin and crisp like we do. Note the new pizza cutter we tried out on this pie. Does the job.

Here is a pizza margherita with grape tomatoes. Note the thinner crust here too.

whole wheat pizza 2014

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