simple ravioli sauce


This is what food porn is all about. Our Nikon compact S5200 with the food mode had just died without even reaching the end of its second year of use, but Costco which supplied it to us at a reasonable price originally saved us with an equally reasonably priced but much more powerful S6800 (technology power has been steadily rising during this century!) which also has the terrific food mode, alone among compact cameras on the market as far as bob could tell from a Google search.

So we had to do this again, and again. Here is a shot of the start of the process.

ravioli sauce start

then nearly complete.

ravioli sauce almost done

finishing touches.

ravioli sauce finishing touches

the spinach pasta ravioli really gives this great color.

This red beet and cheese mezzaluna also is pretty attractive, served with garlicky green beans, and with a leek in place of the shallots.

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