pascale's quiche lorraine

here is the original version nicely browned:

and here is vegetarian version with red and yellow sweet peppers instead of ham, and leeks instead of onion:

leek and sweet red/yellow half peppers, crust, white mushrooms, gruyere cheese prep:

quichep0a.jpg (32734 bytes)

the standard US 9 inch diameter prepared pie dough circles are a wee small for the 30 cm diameter French Tefal pan, but it doesn't matter one bit:

quichep0b.jpg (24255 bytes)

Here is a 1-2-3 peak at a leek, mushroom and roasted red pepper (from the supermarket) version:

quicheps1.jpg (75034 bytes)

quicheps2.jpg (63306 bytes)

quicheps3.jpg (88416 bytes)

we love this so much we keep making it over and over. here is another version:

quicheps4.jpg (104989 bytes)

Well, it can get better. Here is the 2010 cheese modified version.

quichep.htm: 2-sep-2010 [what, ME cook? 1984 dr bob enterprises]