Buckwheat pasta noodles from northern Italy. Every box usually has some variation of the traditional recipe on it somewhere.

pizzoccheri with box

with box

closeup in bowl


pizzoccheri with sausage

pizzoccheri with broccoli and sausage

pizzoccheri by hand

noodle cutting

cutting the hand made noodles

closer shot

closer shot

roller machine cutting

roller machine cutting noodles

noddles in  Rubbermaid

noodles in Rubbermaid

pizzoccheri with sausage and broccoli

pizzoccheri with sausage and broccoli, handmade noodles.

Notice bob's old town blue Corelle plate. 25 years old and still going strong for everyday service. Though ani would like to dispose of them.

a pan of pizzoccheri.

short of plain potatoes, we added some sweet potato. nice color. a flavor kick. better glycemic index. The Moro pasta was only 11 months expired this time. Two more identical as yet unexpired boxes left in the cupboard [check out the many variations of pizzoccheri recipes at their website].

pizzoc.htm: 24-feb-2012 [what, ME cook? 1984 dr bob enterprises]