romanesco cauliflower pasta (broccoletti romani)

fractal food!

disassembled head, conical core removed, stems cut off

plated under the harsh stove overhead light

and now under the tired-old-eyes reading lamp, also not the best for food porn lighting

whichever light scheme you use, the taste is the same. too bad this veggie is so scarce.

We also tried this with orecchiette the next year when we were only able to score some smaller heads of the veggie at the last local farmer's market of the season, again just before Thanksgiving.

We used 3 smaller ones for our dish, and cleaned the other two heads to freeze for another day.

We also tossed in a bit of pesto sauce reminiscent of our foglie di olive con zucchini dish to kick it up a notch this time.

This was bob's first helping. Looks are deceiving---this is a big plate. But there was still room for some more after the salad.

Later we tried other pasta shapes. Here are Delverde Garganelli all'uovo.

and the mandatory closeup

This works well with mezzi rigatoni too.

We scored a beautiful very large Romanesco in the fall of 2017 at the Bryn Mawr Farmers Market from twoganderfarm, and again used mezzi rigatoni. I never get tired of photographing this stuff.

This one had about 4 tablespoons of pesto for 1 lb of pasta and the one big Romanesco. The pesto should only enhance the flavor and not dominate like in a purely pesto sauced pasta.

This has to be my favorite pasta dish.
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