lasagna 2002: the real thing

the master cook (gabriella) and the smiler (ani)

gabriella and ani

closeup of the pans

closeup of pans

nearly transparent lasagna noodles

almost transparent noodles

mother and daughter (rita and gabriella)

rita and gabriella

Later we tried to put some of our experience into action. We use an electric motor to drive the noodle machine. Note the clunky transformer in the background in the next photo, necessary to run the Italian pasta motor.

You can see the before and after noodles below:

lasagnamachine.jpg (110716 bytes)

Then we figured out how to boil the noodles three at a time and remove them from the (ouch) scalding water.

lasagnaboil.jpg (83538 bytes)

A few years later... we do a big 12x18 pan 13 layer version

MyPic0013.jpg (55725 bytes)

bob finally figures out to do with one of those junk mail AOL CD packages. A loose fit for the pasta roller model motor holder gets tightened up.

MyPic0014.jpg (63689 bytes)

getting ready for assembly  next

MyPic0015.jpg (83694 bytes)

MyPic0016.jpg (83484 bytes)

the bolognese and bechamal sauce spreading step.

lasagna2002a.jpg (74689 bytes)

you can almost count the layers

lasagna2002b.jpg (71373 bytes)

the guests were happy, still anticipating the main course while doing the mushroom soup appetizer...

lasagnaguests.jpg (92203 bytes)

the photo journey continues...

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