hazelnut, limoncello, pistachio gelato!

Another reason to thank zia irene.

Here is the pistachio flavor, right out of the machine.

This recipe amount fits neatly into the new Rubbermaid clear stain proof 4 cup container, showing the delicious contents without obstruction.

Next on to lingonberry! Just a slight variation on limoncello.

Yumm! Those Swedes have great berries.

just a pale off-white Amarula gelato, but not pale in taste!

ideal with fresh berries like blueberries, strawberries and raspberries.

zia irene's limoncello is gone, and so is she, but she is not forgotten.

pistacchio gelato

pistacchio gelato served

Here bob tried intensifying the flavor by food processing maybe 3/4 c pistacchio's with a bit of the heavy cream and adding it to the base mixture already flavored by 1/4 c pistacchio liqueur but only 1/2 c sugar to make it less sweet for ani. Maybe next time a bit less pistacchio nut crumbs to lighten it up a bit. Practice makes perfect?

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