the gnocchi Italian grandmother workshop with two generations of grandmothers.

notice how everyone is smiling. gnocchi have that effect.

it doesn't matter how primitive your kitchen is, the gnocchi feel the love.

Lauretta mixing in the tomato sauce with her mom nonna Stella in the background.

which one is better? the lighting could have been better.

later back in the USA we bring our experience on the road to ani's mom's kitchen.

bob is the third pair of hands here but momentarily behind the camera to remember this event. notice lidia's book open for consultation.

they don't have to be pretty.

now the pesto and asparagus (and parmigiano!), thanks to Lidia, the queen of US TV Italian cuisine.

and bob's (first) serving with isgouhi's delicious everyday salad. With a team effort, any day can be Thursday (giovedi, gnocchi!).

Later we found whole wheat gnocchi at Trader Joe's and did a quickie version of this dish with user-ready frozen green beans from the same source. Also good.

gnocchii.htm: 15-apr-2007 [what, ME cook? 1984 dr bob enterprises]