gelato al fico d'india = prickly pear cactus fruit ice cream

so why didn't this point and shoot focus on the bottle?

so here is a closeup, but now the beautiful yellow contents are not visible!

This is hard to distinguish from a simple vanilla gelato in color.

served nice and creamy. next time twice as much flavoring.

Here is Ani in the doorway of an Alberobello trullo, the trullo of love...

and lunch with Piero and family

You won't be forgotten, Piero.

A second attempt with US made prickly pear syrup, nice pink color, served with ms_ani's fabulous crepes suzette, a skill acquired in an expensive Paris Date Night cooking workshop partially funded as a Christmas gift by the same sister-in-law who got us the gelato machine.

gelatofichidindiai.htm: 27-nov-2010 [what, ME cook? 1984 dr bob enterprises]