italian flat beans with tomatoes and garlic

Italian flat beans by ani from the memory of the Armenia-Lebanese dish of her youth, done in Rome summer 2011. they tasted as good as they look. served with pappardelle (broad noodles) with zucchini flower sauce, also delicious! note the shallots in the dish.

flat beans in a garlicky tomato sauce with cheesy penne rigate in Agropoli, south of Naples, a quick lunch before rushing to the train station. nonna Maria gets the credit, her tomato sauce was done cooking ground meat filled eggplants which were pulled out and served as a second dish, also terrific

so we tried this back in the US but we had no penne, so we substituted with the green foglie di olive pasta which looks like a miniature version of the flat beans themselves, and which Laura (above left) had introduced us to a previous summer. ani also had some giada meatballs to add in to the dish, made with a simple tomato sauce using fresh tomatoes as in the flat bean solo recipe, precooking the flat beans and mixing them in at the end as in that recipe, but then continuing by mixing with the cooked pasta, some grated cheese (we only had fresh asiago, no mozzarella, and of course parmigiano). pretty good stuff all together.

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