far breton (rustic prune cake)

oops, bob should have listened to ani and used aluminum foil to seal the bottom of the springform pan...

of course there would be no Old Town Blue dishware left in the kitchen if bob did listen to ani all the time...

Well, not quite up to Bon Appetit photography quality, but you get the point. This is what was left after 6 out of the 8 portions were removed at the delivery site. Left behind as a treat for the hosts Geraldine and Pat on the following day. Wonder what Pat's 6 Megapixal photo shot from his super camera looks like? Still the same tasteless plate I am afraid.

2014 update.
We got a new nonstick 8 in round cake pan and tried the springform pan immediately followed by the leakproof cake pan and the test was conclusive, never use a springform pan for this cake. No matter how tight the pan seems, it leaks with the thin batter and fills up the space under the bottom, and does not puff up nicely around the edges.

These last two shots are a bit too blue, with the bad lighting at the inlaws the cheapo food setting color choices just did not work out.

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