chocolate glazed frozen mocha cake

here are all the steps in this lengthy recipe from start to finish. first the thin chocolate layer cakes baked in parchment lined pans and then inverted onto cardboard circles to remove from the pans for final cooling.

then the three mousse components: zabaione, beaten egg whites and expresso powder laced whipped cream.

then the plastic wrap cake assembly, with the cardboard circles that the cake layers were inverted on and cooled in the background.

then the supersized ice cream sandwich unveiling after freezing.

followed by the messing glazing.

and the return to the freezer, luckily ours had a little extra space at this elevation to fit the plate!

but what are those white dots after the overnight freezing!?

no matter, here's a slice. oops, should have used the closeup setting since this is sadly not well focused.

not any better.

and better lighten this one up.

the birthday boy.

Everybody agreed this was good.

cgmchacki.htm: 3-may-2003 [what, ME cook? 1984 dr bob enterprises]