cinnamon rice with cauliflower

first the dish presentation, not a great photo, but showing the cauliflower and meat arranged at the bottom of the pot over which the rice is cooked, and the result inverted carefully to a molded shape on the plate.

A portion served with plain yogurt on the side.

This is the fava bean version. Note the homemade yogurt waiting to accompanying this delight into dr bob's stomach. And a piece of Isgouhi's crustless zucchini quiche. Shot of arak, of course, already partially consumed.

This variation has a lot of almonds on top. A nice option. Oops, that's chicken in there. Replace the cauliflower and lamb with chicken, almonds on top, and you get this similar tasting dish.

This was a 2010 Thanksgiving special with purple, yellow, and white cauliflower. Very colorful compared to the usual cauliflower dish, no?

How about some cooking school shots of the process? Here are some browned cauliflower florets.

2 bucks worth of lamb neck meat (99 cents a pound, okay, this was even less than two bucks), apparently out on the Main Line people don't know what to do with this body part so the supermarket practically gives it away. Not so in the ethnic suburbs of Philly where it is twice as much when on sale.

Ready to serve.

and bob's plate with a little asparagus and olive oil with truffle salt, and of course the required hit of lowfat homemade yogurt.

here is a bit more elegant presentation after pressing on the rice with a heavy pot resting on a plate over the rice to make it into a form that would invert without breaking.

Finally Isgouhi and Ani do the eggplant version of this dish, just swapping out the cauliflower by eggplant, baked in 1/2 inch thick rounds in the oven first, then spread over the rice.

cauliflower rice with eggplant instead

cauliflower rice with eggplant substitution

when ani tried to invert, it fell apart, but tasted just as good!

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