bob's breakfast oatmeal

a special day with fresh blueberries, pistachios and slivered almonds too

the whole deal, 5g fiber Trader Joe's whole wheat "British muffin",
vitamins, 81 mg aspirin (preventive heart maintenance),
fruit juice with added pomegranate juice, supposedly high in anti-oxidants etc...

his and hers (ani is nuts about pomegranates, less so about the juice)

the Pavoni Europiccolo cappuccino for ms_ani weekends, a wedding gift from our friends in Rome.

occasional weekend specials

sometimes we do a weekend omelette for a change;
3 eggs and some added nonfat milk with inventive add-ins on hand,
in a 12 in nonstick griddle pan:

half for ani, half for bob. this one was made only with egg whites and some milk for the base. the yolks were not missed.

but we have eggs so rarely, we don't usually avoid the yolks.
here was a mother's day double header for division into 6 pieces as part of a family brunch:

sometimes we get the tricky browning factor right. this was one of those days:

spray olive oil on the British muffin minimizes the fat add-on.

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