Topic: Bionic Vision





 Design web page, 9/1/08: Completed

 Article summary, 9/8/08: Assistive Note-Taking

 Revised Article Summary,9/17/08: Assistive Note-Taking

 Research Topic, 9/15/08: Bionic Vision

 Broad Bibliography, 9/22/08: Bionic Vision

 Annotated Bibliography,10/03/08: Annotated Bib

 Revised Annotated Bibliography, 10/10/08: Annotated bib

 Lit Review, 10/29/08: Bionic Len Lit Review

 Rough draft of PowerPoint, 11/03/08: PowerPoint

 Revised Lit Review, 11/12/08: Revised Bionic Lit Review

 Proposed work with abstract & conclusion, 11/21/08: Proposed work

 Final Proposal, 12/05/08: Final Proposal

 Poster, 12/10/08: Poster

 Final PowerPoint, 12/10/08: Presentation


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