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Picture Prowler

Facial recognition and image grouping

Project Description:

· Design a application that contains an algorithm that is able to detect and recognize  faces. This program would take a photo scan it and put it in a database in order to group like images together.

· We plan on expanded on previous work done on the subject while implementing our own ideas.

· We would also like to take a image in the database and use it to search the web and find any instance of that person or object on the web



Completed Work:

· (9/15/08) Sprint Review I : Power Point

· (9/15/08) Prototype (screen shot)

· (9/16/08) UML

· (9/22/08) Rough GUI

· (10/08/08) Sprint Review II: GUI. Button1. Button2. (add the buttons to your C drive)

· (11/03/08) Sprint Review III: Demo

· (11/24/08) Sprint Review IIII: Java Code

· (12/14/08) Final code realse : Picture Prowler

· (12/14/08) ReadMe file: ReadMe

· (12/14/08) Poster


Face Recogniton  Source Code:

· Faint Software (java code)

· Ben Ring source code

· Matlab code

· Brian Chung’s libraries


Related websites:

· Facial recognition homepage

· Computer Vision

· Computer scientist exploring facial reorganization

· Face-recognition new tools


Coarse web site: Csc4790

Current Status:

This project was done as a senior project at Villanova University in the Fall of 08.  The work we have done is available for anyone to continue or use at your own will. Last updated 12/15/08