March 2018 - Presented our poster at COSYNE 18 in Denver, Recipient of a COSYNE Travel Grant. Thanks to the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, Burroughs Welcome Fund, Google, and Simons Foundation for your support
February 2018 - Our paper was accepted at CVPR 2018!
February 2018 - Guest speaker at Lockheed Martin's Engineering Week Celebration
January 2018 - I'll be a visiting scholar at UDel this semester (pre-tenure sabbatical) working with Dr. Kathy McCoy
November 2017 - Presented our poster at ICRC 2017 Rebooting Computing outside Wash DC
August 2017 - Back from a Visiting Faculty position at Los Alamos National Lab, in Dr. Garrett Kenyon's PetaVision Lab, sponsored by the DOE