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Course Description:

This is a graduate research seminar exploring the algorithms and state- of-the-art techniques in the field of computer vision and image processing. Topics covered in the first half of the seminar include image processing, pattern recognition, feature detection, image and object segmentation, computational photography, object detection, and face recognition. In the second half of the semester, students will read and lead discussions on both classic and recent literature in computer vision, machine learning, and related fields. A familiarity with linear algebra and statistical methods is recommended but not required.

Course Schedule

DateClass SummaryExamples and CodeHomework
1/15/2015 Introduction to what is computer vision. Began a discussion on image formation and color spaces. Read Chapters 1 -2 in Computer Vision. Read the Color Transfer paper in detail
1/22/2015 Image Filtering discussion and Edge detection. Matlab tutorial. Matlab handout . Matlab book chapter Read Chapters 3.1-3.3 in Computer vision. Project 1 Assigned. . Source image for the project . Target image for the project . Color Transfer paper
1/29/2015 Edge detection and Interest point detections. Read Chapter 4.2 in Computer Vision.
2/5/2015 Interest point detection, image pyramids, SIFT, HOG. check out Read Chapter 4.1 in Computer Vision. Read Eigenfaces in detail. Read SIFT and HOG papers.
2/12/2015 Classification. Dimensionality reduction. Principal Component Analysis and Eigen decomposition. Project 2 Assigned Read Chapter 14.2 in Computer Vision.
2/19/2015 Classification cont. Bayes theorem and KNN. KNN lab Sample images for the lab Matlab template Email me the following information. Final project group members, 1 page description of your final project (motivation, background, proposed plan), and 2 papers/ publications that relate to your idea.
3/12/2015 SVM, K-Means, and Bag of Words. SVM example on digits
3/19/2015 Random Forest Classifier and Beginning of student presentations.
3/25/2015 More student presentations Project 3 assigned. Test CAPTCHA 1 Test CAPTCHA 2 Test CAPTCHA 3 Test CAPTCHA 4 Training numbers
Month of April student presentations
4/30/2015 Least Squares, RANSAC, Hough Transforms
5/3/2015 Graph Cut, Grab Cut, Max Flow Min Cut

Final Projects

[ pdf ] Xiaojie Jiang, William Makabenta, Optical Character Recognition in Scene Images

[ pdf ] Andrew Grace, Check Recognition