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Course Description:

This course will focus on the fundamentals of game development with an emphasis on 'playcentric' design. The class will consist of a series of lectures and hands-on workshops to introduce the latest tools, methods, programming techniques, and graphics needed to create digital games. Topics covered in the course include game physics, game engine programming, agent artificial intelligence, state machines, 2D/3D assets, visual communication, game mechanics, navigation meshes, path planning, and more. Student will work in groups to complete a game prototype by the end of the semester.

Sample Studet Projects

Credit: Agdel Irlanda

Credit: William Kolb and Michael Auslander

Credit: Jason Almerini, Andrew Kim, Dan Sullivan

Credit: Spandana Edara

Credit: Linley Busby

Credit: Robert Verrone

Credit: Zac Rahn and Liam George

Credit: Niko Grupen

Sample Course Schedule
What is a Game?
Game Genres, Formal Elements
Dramatic Elements, Flow, Playtesting
Make A Game
Path Finding
Mini Max
Visual Communication
Game Psychology
Advanced Unity
Game Distribution