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Tu 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM, Th 10:00 AM -11:30 PM and by appointment

Course Description:

This course will focus on the fundamentals of game development with an emphasis on 'playcentric' design. The class will consist of a series of lectures and hands-on workshops to introduce the latest tools, methods, programming techniques, and graphics needed to create digital games. Topics covered in the course include game physics, game engine programming, agent artificial intelligence, state machines, 2D/3D assets, visual communication, game mechanics, navigation meshes, path planning, and more. Student will work in groups to complete a game prototype by the end of the semester.

Course Schedule

*lecture notes and images come from a variety of sources including Fullerton, Russel, Fernandez, Pixar, GDC, 2K games, Naughty Dog, etc.

DateClass SummaryNotes,Examples,CodeHomework
week of 1/14/2019 Introduction Slides 02 Read Chapters 1-2 in Game Design Workshop
week of 1/21/2019 What is a game? Formal and dramatic elements of games Slides 03
Slides 04
Read Chapters 3-4 in Game Design Workshop
week of 1/28/2019 Playcentric design, system dynamics Read Chapters 5-6 in Game Design Workshop
Submit one paragraph to VUVR and on blackboard
week of 2/4/2019 Create your tabletop / physical game Connect 4 . Cranium . Sequence (Bad) . Monopoly . Scrabble Project 1
week of 2/11/2019 External Playtests G1wG2, G1wG3, G2wG1, G2wG4, G3wG1, G3wG5, G4wG2, G4wG6, G5wG3, G5wG6, G6wG4, G6wG5 Download and install Unity3D, I'm using 2017.4.f11
Get a head start on the Roll-a-ball tutorial
week of 2/18/2019 Case study: Last of Us
Pathfinding, BFS, DFS, Uniform cost, A*
Slides 05
Read Chapter on Searching Chapter on Searching Part 2
week of 2/25/2019 Finish search, begin unity3D Unity Tutorial 1 . Unity Tutorial 2 .Unity Tutorial 3 . Unity Tutorial 4 Midterm Review . Project 2
week of 3/4/2019 Spring Break
week of 3/11/2019 Review for Midterm, Midterm 3/13 Project 2 due on 3/18
week of 3/18/2019 Minimax, Heuristics, Vectors, Quaternions Slides 06
Read Chapter on Minimax . Project 3
week of 3/25/2019 Visual Communication, Cameras, Avatars, Game Psychology Slides 07
Do roll a ball, Camera and Play area, and Collecting, Scoring, and Building the game
week of 4/1/2019 Finish Game Psychology, Uncanny Valley, One Page Designs Slides 08
Slides 09
Final Project description
One Page Design
Midterm 2 Review . Unity Tutorial 5
week of 4/8/2019 Unity Asset Store and Mecanim system, Midterm 2 on 4/10 Unity Tutorial 6 . Unity Tutorial 7 . Zombie Animations
week of 4/15/2019 Mecanim system, Hitboxes, Timescale, RagDoll, Lighting, UI Akai animations . Unity Tutorial 8
week of 4/22/2019 Final Project Check
week of 4/29/2019 Scene Switching, Save game, Camera RayCast, Navigation Mesh Final Presentation May 8th, instructions Unity Tutorial 9