Office Hours:

Tu 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM, Th 10:00 AM -11:30 PM and by appointment

Course Description:

This is an introductory course in digital 3D modeling and animation. Students will learn the theory and fundamentals of creating digital objects and applying animation. Concepts will include 3D modeling using polygons and nurbs, UV texturing, lighting and materials, rendering, python and MEL scripting, rigging, 3D sculpting, and animation. The primary software we will be using is Autodesk Maya, an industry standard software package that is used extensively by special effects companies such as industrial light and magic, animation companies such as Disney and Pixar, as well as game development companies such as Blizzard and Electronic Arts. This class is not about learning the software, but rather utilizing this tool to understand, engage, create, and control digital art. Previous digital art and programming experience is not required.

Course Schedule

1/14 - Introduction, Biology and Physics of Light
1/16 - Light, Value, Edges, Properties of Light on Form, Introduction to Drawing (Charcoal)
1/23 - Introduction to concepts in 3D, file formats, resolution, polygons, vectors - Chapter 1 and 3
1/28 - Introduction to Maya, begin solar system
1/30 - Vasey 207, Drawing demonstration
2/4 - Finish up solar system, Maya UI, pivots, keyframing, grouping/parenting, playbasts - Chapter 2
2/6 - Polygon counts, Extrude, Bevel, soft selection, edge loops - Chapter 4
Project 1
2/13 - CAVE visit
2/18 - Realistic 3D modeling, textures, multi-cut, layers, decorative box - Chapter 3
Side | Front | Top
Midterm Project Catapult - DUE 3/1
2/25 - NURBS, curves, boolean geometry, phong shader
King Reference
2/27 - Basic UV mapping, lights, arnold renderer
Sidebox | Frontbox | Bedroom
Project 2 - DUE 3/15
3/11 - UV mapping and textures - Chapter 7 in the book
Crate Texture | Decorative Box | Wood strip | Bottom Box
3/13 - Advanced UV mapping and textures
Red Wagon Model | Wood Bump | Wood Diffuse | Wood Reflective
ARNOLD tutorial on setting up wood flooring
3/18 - Basic Animation Keyframes - Chapter 8 in the book
3/20 - Skeleton, FK/IK, Humanoid Animation - Chapter 9 in the book
Project 3 - DUE 4/1
Install Procedure
Control Rig . Female . Male . Animations
3/25 - Making Humans, Fuse, Composing video, Atmospheric effects
ARNOLD tutorial on Volume Attributes
Zombie Girl
Thriller MoCap
Thriller Video
Youtube After Effects tutorial
4/1 - Paint Effects, Point Cameras, Compositing Video
Diffuse Map
Specular Map
Reflective Map
2 Sequences
4/3 - Atmospheric Effects, Blendshapes, Animatics
Male Head
4/8 - MEL Scripting
MEL Presentation
Custom MEL window
LSystems example
Modeling Plant Growth

Class Portfolio

Drawing 1

Drawing 2

Project 1

Project 2