Selection in 3D Graphics Environments
Christine Albert and Lindsey Press
Advisor: Dr. Mirela Damian

Our project is supported by CREU:

Project Description

The level of detail portrayed in graphics environments is steadily increasing, and so does the challenge to enable users to accurately select 3D objects from a graphics scene in real time. Thousands of players may compete against one another in a multi-player game for instance, and they frequently select objects by pointing to them with the mouse cursor or other pointing devices. Selection in a 3D scene is addressed by picking algorithms. Picking algorithms must be fast in order to provide users with minimum delay responses. With such importance placed on picking, several algorithms have been proposed, with the most common being ray casting and color picking. We propose to explore these two algorithms by computationally analyzing and comparing them across several levels of scene complexity and object velocity. Our comparison metrics are accuracy and speed (selection time). Our ultimate goal is to determine the conditions under which one picking algorithm outperforms the other.

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Introduction to OpenGL


Downloaded and installed GLUT.

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Translation, Rotation and Scaling Transformations


Testing and deriving the modeling transformations in OpenGL.

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Translation, Rotation and Scaling Transformation Inverses


Testing and deriving the inverses of modeling transformations in OpenGL.

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Moving Between Views


Moving specific coordinates from world space to camera space to perspective projection.

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Normalized Coordinates and Scaling


Moving from eye space to frustum space and scaling to adjust for screen size.

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