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Dr. Lillian (Boots) Cassel
MSC 288

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My teaching and research interests are focused on digital libraries and information retrieval in the Web.

Current work includes the Ensemble project, part of the NSF NSDL.  NSDL seeks to provide easy access to a large amount of material for teaching and learning any topic in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics areas.  The Ensemble project provides the computing related components.  Ensemble includes materials and services not included in NSDL, so it is appropriate to visit the Ensemble site directly. 

The Computing Ontology project attempts to describe the entire computing and information related topic space.  We work with the newly revised ACM CCS and include materials from curriculum documents and accreditation materials from around the world.  The website evolves as the project progresses.

Work in the area of Distribute Expertise is funded through the NSF CPATH program and investigates the potential of shared exprtise across department and even institutional boundaries. 

New in 2012: Earlier and Broader Access to Machine Learning.  Funded by the NSF TUES program, this project will develop learning modules in Machine learning that can be integrated into a variety of courses, allowing more students to learn this important topic without the need for extensive mathematics or computer science preparation.

Degrees :
  • Ph.D. Computer Science University of Delaware
  • M.S. Computer Science University of Delaware
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  • Chair - Department of Computing Sciences (2013 -  )
  • Director - Graduate Program in Computing Sciences (2004 - 2009)
  • Chair - Faculty Congress (2008 -- 2010)

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