Project Ideas, Fall 2013
Dr. Beck's List

  1. Automatic photo labeling based on inferred content. See Kodak Research. See Henry Lauck.
  2. Wireless sensor networks
  3. Social networking issues, and specifically,
  4. Sphere (and other shape) packing problems approached through
  5. Reputation services: ways of conveying the integrity of a website beyond the recognition of the URL. In general, we trust or but we probably wouldn't trust or Could include a web service that would attest to its integrity? What would that service look like?
  6. Natural algorithm discovery and analysis
  7. Natural language investigations using a readily available corpus
  8. Sport camp registration website
  9. Resume reader
  10. Web app simulation of a robot
  11. Raspberry Pi Exploration: what can be done with a little device?
  12. HICC: A household control and communication center
  13. Cloud computing for the department
  14. Virtual computing lab
  15. Interfacing devices using ChucK, the music playing system behind the laptop orchestra craze