Abstracts, Bulletins, & Poster Papers

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Abstracts, Bulletins, & Poster Papers

Abbott, B.P., Pomerance, B.H., & Ambruster, C.W. (1995). UBVRI Photometry of the Solar Neighborhood: Pleiades Age K Dwarfs. BAAS 27, 842

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Guinan, E.F., Marshall, J.J., & Maloney, F.P. (1994). A New Apsidal Motion Determination for DI Herculis. IBVS 4101

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Huang, M., Sion, E.M., Hubeny, I., Cheng, F.W., & Szkody, P. (1994) Analysis of The VW Hyi's Superoutburst FOS/HST Spectrum: A Heated White Dwarf and a Disrupted Disk. BAAS 27, 770

Krisciunas, K., Guinan, E.F., McCook, G.P., Griffin, R.F., Crowe, R.A., Roberts, M., Luedeke, K.D., and Pobocik, P. (1995). Photometric variability of the Ellipsoidal star and spectroscopic binary 7 Camelopardalis. IBVS 4176

Maloney, F.P., Maurone, F.P., & Hones, M.J. (1994). Simulation and Experimentation in a Laboratory Curriculum for Non-scientists. BAAS 26, 1313

Marshall, J.J., Guinan, E.F., & McCook, G.P. (1995). Possible low amplitude light variations of DI Her. IBVS 4161

Nguyen,Q., Fabian, D., Huang, M., & Sion, E.M. (1994). Determination of the Rotational Velocities of Exposed White Dwarfs in CVS using Synthetic Spectra with Hubble and IUE Spectra. BAAS 27, 770

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Scheible, M. & Eder, J.A. (1994) Star Formation in UGC 491-A Gas Rich S0 Galaxy. BAAS 26, 1435

Scheible, M. & Guinan, E.F.(1994). The Spotted Young Sun-HD 129333 (=EK Dra). IBVS 4110

Volgenau, N.H., Guinan, E.F., Etzel, P.B., Bradstreet, D.H., & Gimenez, A. (1995). Eclipsing Binaries as Astrophysical Laboratories: Probing the Internal Structure of the Moderate Mass Stars of CO Lacertae, BAAS 27, 878

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