Entity Relationship Dictionary


A description of the user's request for an Item.

1. A user may place many orders

2. An Order belongs to one customer

3. The return condition of an order is tracked

4. If an order is returned late, the user is charged a $1 fee per day.


1. Date Ordered - The date a user placed an order for an Item

2. Expected Delivery Date - The date the item is expected to arrive at the users address

3. Expected Return Date - The date the user is instructed to return the item by

4. Actual Return Date - the date the item is received at the shipping hub

Condition Entity

Tracks the condition of an item upon its return


1. ID# - Each Condition Report has a Report ID

2. Return Condition - Condition of the item, No Damage, Minor Damage, Major Damage, Lost/Destroyed


Describes an item in the company's inventory

1. Can be a Movie or a Game

2. Can only be loaned to one person at a time


1. Item ID# - Each item is assigned a unique numerical ID

2. Name - The title of the item

3. Release Date - The date the item was released

4. Price - The price of the Item, which the customer must repay if the item is lost/damaged.


Describes a game, a subtype of the super type Item.


1. Game Type - Describes the type of the Game, Fighting, Shooting, Action, Role Playing


Describes a movie item, a subtype of the super type Item


1. Director - The director of the movie

2. Genre - Genre of the Movie, Romance, Horror, Comedy, Action, Drama, Thriller, Sci-Fi.


Describes a user on file. A user can be a customer or an Employee, or both.


1. User ID# - Each user has a unique numerical ID

2. Name - The Name of the user

3. Phone #

4. Email

5. Home Address


Describes a customer and their billing information. A customer may rent any item that is available. May only rent up to 5 items


1. Billing Info (Credit Card #, Expr. Date, Credit Card Company)


Describes an employee, who works at a shipping hub. An employee is tasked with sorting incoming and outgoing orders.

Shipping Hub

A shipping Hub is the location from which items are shipped to the customers. Each shipping hub has its own inventory of items. There are multiple shipping hubs. If a shipping hub receives an item from another hub, it sends that item back to the appropriate hub.


1. Hub ID# - Each hub is assigned a number ID

2. Location(City, State) - The City and state of a shipping hub.


Customers can give a rating of an item after they have returned it. Ratings are tracked for each item. A Customer can look up items by their ratings. A rating may contain comments about the item.


1. Number of Stars - Rating from 1-5 stars

2. Comment - Optional comment about the item


A Customer may place a reservation for an Item that is not currently available. When an item is returned, it is placed on hold and the user is informed that they may place an order for it. Reservations are served on a first come first serve basis.


1. Date Reserved

2. Expiration Date - The expiration date for the reservation. After this date the reservation is invalid.