CSC 4480: Principles of Database Systems
Sample Deliverable for Phase 1: Project Proposal


This project will focus on QVC. QVC is a company that produces products that they advertise on television in infomercials, which vary from 5 minutes to about 20 minutes in length. QVC is a unique company in that it does all of its business solely through these infomercial demonstrations. The products can only be ordered from their website or through their website or money order.

Business Rules:

  1. A customer may create an account with QVC.  The Account has a unique ID, a Username and Password, and the Account Type (Admin, Employee, Customer).  The first and last name of the user is also known and the date that it was created. QVC requires an email, pin, title (Ms., etc.), name(first, last), address, ZIP, country, and home phone.
  2. A person may buy many products.  A product may be sold to many customers. A customer may place many orders. A product can be in many orders.
  3. A product has a product line can be placed in many orders.  A product line An order may have many products.  QVC will keep track of the and has a shipping date and the arrival date.
  4. The categories of QVC will grow over time, but for now includes Fashion, Shoes & Handbags, Jewelry, Beauty, Kitchen & Food, Home & Harvest, Electronics, Holiday Décor, Clearance, and more.
  5. A customer may cancel a product at any time.  A customer may cancel an order of many products at any time. A customer may cancel an order at any time before the products are shipped.
  6. QVC hires many Employees such as Administrative, Affiliate Relations, Apparel Design & Development, Bus Strategy & Tech Integration, Consumer Insights, creative Execution, Customer Service Corporate, Distribution/Warehousing, Executive, Facilities, Finance, Food services, Fulfillment, Human Resources, Information Services, Information Technology J, Internal Events/Communications, International, Inventory Control, Jewelry Manufacturing, Legal, Legal & Internal Audit, Marketing, Merchandising, Multichannel, Operations & Services, Other, Outlet Division, Programming, Publishing/Recording, QA-Site, Quality Assurance, Retail, Returns, Security, Strategy & Analysis, and Workplace Services.
  7. Employees can work at different locations such as Chesapeake, VA, Florence, SC, Frazer Outlet, PA, Lancaster, PA, Mebane Outlet, SC, Port St Lucie, FL, Rehoboth Beach Outlet, DE, Rockvale Outlet, PA, Rocky Mount, NC, San Antonio, TX, Suffolk, VA, and QVCs main base is in West Chester, PA, but the Employee is assigned to only one location.  From those locations the can either work for Media, Service, and Warehouse.  
  8. An Employee can be Full Time or Part Time but not both.
  9. Customers may also apply for a QCard.  Some benefits are sneak peeks at Today’s Special Value® offers, private sale opportunities, and special promotions, one free Studio Tour pass for you and 5 friends at our state-of-the-art broadcasting facility in West Chester, PA.,  Easy-to-read, itemized monthly statements for all your QCard purchases, conveniently view and pay your bill online, receive paper or online statement (customers choice)


  1. If a customer is dissatisfied with the product, he or she may return the product within a certain time period for a full refund.  


  1. What is the product quantity for each product?
  2. What is the product quality for each product?
  3. What products were sold in a day? Week? Month? Quarter? Year?
  4. What was the profit/loss in a day? Week? Month? Quarter? Year?
  5. Does QVC really stand for Quality, Value, and Convenience
  6. What products are being promoted?
  7. What is the day’s special offer?
  8. What is currently being sold on TV?