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This page will outline various course assignments and their respective deadlines, as well as overall research progress and materials.

Research Information and Progress

Research Topic:
Interference Reduction in Wireless Networks Using Graph Coloring Methods

Research Assignment Progress
Assignment Date: Assignment: Status: Notes:
8/29/07 Website Complete None
9/5/07 Paper Summary: Guard Placement for Wireless Localization Summary (.doc) Complete None
9/12/07 Topic Selection: Topic Proposal (.doc) Complete See "Research Materials Gathered" for additional topic sources.
9/14/07 Summary Revision: Revised Summary (.doc) Complete None
9/17/07 Broad Bibliography and Topic Proposal Revision: Broad Bibliography/Revised Topic Proposal (.htm) Complete Links to all sources listed in the updated topic proposal page as well as any additional resources are located in the "Research Materials Gathered" section of the website.
10/3/07 Annotated Bibliography (.htm) Complete None
10/8/07 Rough Draft Presentation (.ppt) Complete To be delivered on Monday, October 8
11/7/07 Literature Review (.doc) Complete None
11/21/07 Literature Review-Revision(.doc) Complete "Future Work" section to be completed after Thanksgiving break
12/5/07 Topic Proposal with Future Work (.doc) Complete None
12/10/07 Final Presentation (.ppt) Complete To be delivered Monday December 10
12/18/07 Research Poster (.ppt) Complete If uploading problems persist, please e-mail me for the original file.

Research Materials Gathered

Assigning codes in wireless networks: bounds and scaling properties

Channel Assignment and Weighted Coloring

Efficient Use of Radio Spectrum in Wireless Networks with Channel Separation between Close Stations

Interference-Aware Channel Assignment in Multi-Radio Wireless Mesh Networks

On Wireless Spectrum Estimation and Generalized Graph Coloring

Centralized Channel Assignment and Routing Algorithms for Multi-Channel Wireless Mesh Networks

Weighted Coloring based Channel Assignment for WLANs

Location Oblivious Distributed Unit Disk Graph Coloring

Topology Control of Multihop Wireless Networks Using Transmit Power Adjustment

Efficient Power Control Via Pricing in Wireless Data Networks

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