Philadelphia Area Computer Science Educators

Fall Meeting

 October 26, 2006 - Harriton Senior High School (PA Lower Merion School District)

Message from Organizer:

Thanks to all those who came to the first Philadelphia Computer Science Meeting on October 26th.  I had a fantastic time and the feedback sent to me was also positive.   The presentations were excellent as were the discussions that followed.  Thanks also to those that sent in their favorite assignments.  We had about 30 people in attendance with another 30 educators unable to attend, but interested in the group. I have attached a PDF file of the meeting program to this e-mail.  Daniel Joyce's paper has an updated URL and Katie Cooper has added a high school C++ final exam.  I have also attached a PDF of the results of our discussions.  Hot topics included:

The next meeting will take place in late January or early February at Drexel University.  Jeff Salvage kindly offered to host.  We are also working on video conferencing with Lehigh University, so our colleagues in the Lehigh Valley can participate without having to drive so far.  We discussed whether the meeting should be a full day or start in the late afternoon.  The consensus at the meeting was to start in the late afternoon.  Let me know if you have feedback about the scheduling.

High School Teachers: Take a minute right now and e-mail me your name, school, certification type, and a list of computer science classes offered at your school (including which language) along with enrollment in each class.  We will compile them to share at the next meeting. 

There is a free workshop at UPenn on Saturday November 12 given by Geoff Washburn.  Dr. Washburn will discuss models of intelligent behaviors (AI, gaming, and robotics) as well as offering an introduction to objects and object-oriented programming (the principles behind the Java programming language.).  To get more info or to register go to or get in touch with Jennifer Wroblewski ( 

Thanks for everyone for their interest.  We will keep you posted on upcoming developments.

- Andrew Ruether

<<PACSE Discussion Summary - Fall 2005.pdf>> <<PACSE Meeting Program - Fall 2005.pdf>>